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    S&H builds world-class SMC production lines for manufacturing of glass and carbon fibre SMC. They can be customized to match specific requirements. Our production lines can be equipped e.g. with

    • high precision doctor boxes
    • robust and reliable choppers
    • pre-impregnation units
    • de-aeration units for reduction of trapped air.

    A wide range of high-end impregnation units enable the production of high quality SMC material.

    The following additional features are available

    • Production lines for all needs
    • Use of different resins, low and high viscosities
    • Manual and automatic doctor boxes
    • Advanced tempering concepts
    • Roving cutters for up to 4,800 tex
    • Additional reinforcements through fabric unwinders and UD roving inlets
    • Specific solutions for carbon fiber SMC
    • Pre-impregnation & de-aeration units
    • High performance compaction sections
    • Metal detector
    • Resin height control
    • Sheet weight area control systems
    • Friction winders, turret winders, festooners and combination systems
    • Packaging in standard rolls (up to 400 kg), jumbo rolls (up to 1,200 kg) or box material

    Key parameters are

    LINE LENGTH 6 – 30 m WORKING WIDTH 600; 1,000 and 1,600 mm LINE SPEED 0.5 – 28 m/min CAPACITY Up to 18,000 kg SMC/hour VISCOSITIES Up to 50,000 cPas FIBER LENGTH 12.7 – 50.4 mm (1/2” – 2 “) SHEET WEIGHT Up to 7 kg/m² HEATING Liquid Medium

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