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    We offer a wide range of slitting & cutting machines for the cutting of maturated SMC material.

    Resin impregnated fiber reinforced mats offer many possibilities in the plastic production process. By offering different cutting techniques, e.g. using an upper and a lower round knife (scissor cut), a round knife on a hardened roll (squeezing cut), or a simple knife blade (hook knife), we ensure suitable solutions combined with semi or fully automated production steps. The machines can be equipped with robots as well as a closed-loop process control, in order to countervail possible sheet weight differences. We offer pull-off systems for boxes, small rolls and big rolls (jumbo rolls).

    The following machine models are available:

    • Model EasyCut for manual operations
    • Model LightCut for semi-automatic operations
    • Model TopCut for semi and fully automatic solutions with edge trimming
    • Model AutoCut for use in fully automatic environments with free form cutting

    The following additional features are available

    • Use of SMC in standard rolls, jumbo rolls or festooned box material
    • Take over tables or outlet conveyors for cut SMC blanks
    • Weighing solutions with automatic weight compensation function
    • Stacking tables
    • Automation with robots for blank handling
    • Gripper design with needles, fingers, vacuum or multiples
    • Adaptive grippers for different blank sizes and fast product change over

    Key parameters are

    WORKING WIDTH Up to 1,600 mm CUTTING SPEED Up to 36 m/min BELT SPEED Up to 10m/min CUTTING TECHNOLOGIES Different knife blades, round knives, polygon knives and ultra sonic knives CUTTING TOLERANCES +/- 1 mm in length and width MIN BLANK WIDTH 20 mm MIN. BLANK LENGTH 50 mm FILM WINDER None, single or double sided film removal

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