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    Many industries, such as caravanning, commercial vehicles, vehicle construction or the construction industry profit from our continuously enhanced polyester plate manufacturing systems. They are based on the proven flat line technology. The polyester composite is characterized by brilliant material properties, such as high thermal and chemical stability. Schmidt & Heinzmann offers high quality polyester plate and advanced laminate production units.

    The high quality polyester plate (advanced laminate) production units can be equipped with various functions and applications. The working width is available up to 3,400 mm. The production units are worldwide accepted as high-quality units with a lot of innovative features for high class surfaces and outstanding performances.

    Our production unit is worldwide accepted as a high quality machine offering a lot of innovative features for high class surface and high performance. The machine can be equipped with the following features:

    • Gel coat station
    • Various doctor box systems
    • Separated heating zones
    • Brushing station
    • Sawing unit
    • Packaging

    The following additional features are available

    • Precise roving cutter for perfect glass bed
    • Precise doctor roller system
    • Flexible heating sections
    • Integration of longitudinal cutter, corona unit, cross cutting, stacking and winding
    • Precise and special film guidance system to ensure wrinkle free production

    Key parameters are

    WORKING WIDTH up to 3,200 mm MATERIAL THICKNESS up to 7 mm WORKING SPEED up to 10 m/min

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