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    Fiber Spraying

    Fiber spraying optimizes the properties of fiber-reinforced parts and their production processes. This by a selective reinforcement of load-critical zones with the precise accumulation of material in areas of stress peaks. Moreover, this efficient and resource conserving technology is characterized by savings in time and material thanks to a significant reduction of process stages, such as production of semi-finished products, cutting and draping. Therefore, this manufacturing technology is particularly well suiting small and medium scale series production. Furthermore, due to its simple structure, the system can easily be integrated into an existing production.

    With the robot-based FiDoCut-R and an integrated resin spray head continuous fibers and yarns can be cut to a specific length while being wetted with a resin and sprayed onto a tool form. This unique system enables the automated component manufacturing with various fibers including the strengthening of technical textiles. In addition, the system offers a wide choice of material matrices to be processed.

    The advantages are:

    • Direct and fast manufacturing of 2D and 3D parts or preforms
    • Fiber length and grammage are locally adjustable
    • Fiber orientation adjustable in dry fiber spraying
    • Efficient and resource-saving manufacturing
    • No cutting scrap
    • Output performance up to 1 kg/min

    The following additional features are available

    • Light weight design FiDoCut cutting head for adaptation on articulated robot
    • Additional rotation and swiveling table for higher flexibility
    • Resin spraying unit with pump for 2C resin systems (epoxy, polyurethane, etc.)
    • Production cells with safety housing
    • Extraction systems
    • Articulated arm robots from various brands

    Key parameters are

    CUTTER SPEED Up to 12,000 1/min ROVING SIZE Up to 4,800 tex CUTTING HEAD Flying knife with 2 cutting positions NUMBER OF ROVINGS Up to 4 rovings can be processed at a time, depending on fiber tex CUTTING LENGTH From 10 to 100 mm, continuously adjustable on the fly FIBER MATERIALS Glass, basalt, carbon, kevlar, aramid, natural, chemical, hybrid, thermoplastic, metal fibers and others FIBER CUTTING PERFORMANCE 5 to 25 kg/h, depending on fiber type RESIN VISCOSITY < 3,000 mPas

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