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    Fiber Dosing & Cutting system FiDoCut

    The newly developed and patented high performance fiber cutting system FiDoCut is able to cut various fiber types simultaneously, also in industrial quantities. Moreover, it is possible to adjust the fiber lengths during the cutting process between 0.1 mm and 200 mm without a stop or the need for retooling. The fiber spectrum, which can be processed by FiDoCut, comprises virtually all kinds of fibers up to 4,800 tex. They can be supplied as brittle, ductile, visco-plastic and natural fibers, from aramid, PE, PA, steel, glass and carbon to basalt fibers.

    The Innovation

    The new fiber cutting system was specifically designed for cutting of various types of fibers in flexible lengths for the production of fiber reinforced composites. The cutting technique is based on the well-known functional principle of scissors: Continuous fiber strands are drawn by means of a feed unit in order to supply them by our patented air flow system to the fiber cutting system. Between the feeding and cutting unit the air flow system keeps the fibers under tension.

    The cutting system consists of a rotating knife combined with stationary counter knives. The fibers pass in front of the cutting edges through a thread outlet, before being cut by a pulling cut of the rotating blade attached to the high precision cutting spindle (shaft). This allows a continuous cutting process.

    The spindle (shaft) is driven by a control drive at up to 16,000 revolutions per minute. Fiber feed rates of up to 300 m/min are possible. To ensure a constant cutting gap between the rotating blade and the three stationary counter blades, the entire cutting room is tempered by a water/air circuit. With the well-known and proven principle of scissors cutting, even very tough or soft fibers can be cut.

    To secure this development, numerous patents have been applied in recent years. Due to the novelty and innovation of FiDoCut, the technology is very well received by institutes and research facilities.

    The advantages are:

    • Cutting of virtually any kind of dry fiber up to 4,800 tex.
    • Cutting length adjustable “on the fly”, without retooling or machine stop.
    • Output performance scalable through additional spindles.



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